Administrative Staff

Sr.No Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Work assigned Email & Cell No. Photo
1. Shri Jawale M. K. Head Clerk M.A. B. A. & B.Sc. Admission,
and Examiantion Form
2. Shri Kadam S. T. Sr.Cleark B.Com. 9503906499
3. Shri Dalwe B. W. Jr.Cleark B. A. All Scholerships
and E.B.C. Etc
4. Shri Solunke V. D. Lab-Assistant M. Sc. All Laboratories
Stock Maintenance and
Chemical Preaparation
5. Shri Shinde M. P. Lab-Attendent M. A., M. Phil. Lab 9423684612
6. Shri Rikshe R. U. Lab-Attendent B. A. Chemistry & Physics 9145231508
7. Shri Bobade M. B.. Lab-Attendent H. S. C Botany & Zoology 9922975865
8. Shri Shinde P. G. Lab-Attendent M. A. M. Lib. Library 9421859125
09. Shri Kumbhare K. P. Peon 9th Class Geography,Music
& Home Science
10. Shri Kurdhane L. R. Peon 9th Class --- ---
11. Pathan A.Y. Peon B. A. Physical Education
& Psychology
12. Shri Jadhav D. G. Lab-Attedent S.S.C. Microbiology And Mathematics 9421086974