Infrastructure and ICT Facilities

The Sant Tukaram College of Arts and Science, Parbhani, Dist. Parbhani. (Maharashtra) is established in 15th August 1998. All the physical facilities are available adequately. The teaching and the learning facilities are available in adequate amount. Classrooms: 14 class rooms and 01 seminar hall. Of which 2 lecture halls have L.C.D. projectors and ICT facilities.  Class rooms are well ventilated and spacious.

Laboratories: each Science Department has a separate laboratory with necessary equipments. Also in Arts faculty, Geography, Music, Psychology and Physical education have separate laboratories.

IT Facilities: The college has sufficient number of ICT facilities available

Sports Facilities: The College has playground. The college has cricket, kabadi, kho-kho, and volleyball grounds. The College play ground also provided to other colleges and organization for playing cricket and cultural activities.

Library: The College has an independent Central Library. Area of library is 60 Library is enriched with the books, newspapers and periodicals. Library has computers with internet facility, stack room, cupboards, and Books issuing counter and enough space for students.

Reading Roome: College provides reading hall for the students for competitive examination with capacity of 50. Library building is under CCTV surveillance.

ICT Based Teaching